How Eurohouse Group is Different

Eurohouse Group is an award winning developer, builder, and interior millwork supplier of kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, interior doors, and walk-in closets from Italy. Projects by Eurohouse Group range from a complete development of a single-family home, to a home renovation or simply kitchen cabinets and other interior millwork supply. We have the experience, skill, and knowledge to tackle it all. More specifically we are a full cycle construction company with an in-office interior design team, a complete supplier of interior millwork with an  in-house cabinets installation crews and fully equipped stonework personnel working at our own fabrication shop. On a regular basis we also work with qualified industry professionals as sub-contractors that we have established strong and mutual partnerships with over the last decade. We only employ the best and most fit for the task individuals that allow our team to focus on providing high quality labour and service.

Builder and General Contractor

Eurohouse Construction started out as a West Vancouver land developer of single-family homes at first and further expanded their business to working directly with clients as General Contractor and Builder.


Their experienced and versatile construction crew is part of the Eurohouse Group that completes daily tasks of the ongoing projects. In addition to the existing construction crew Eurohouse Group continuously brings on board sub-contractors that we highly respect and trust in providing the same high level of quality as our employees.


Eurohouse Construction have a vast expertise working in different municipalities as a general contractor and a builder allowing their team to take on projects all across the Lower Mainland while meeting all local bylaws and industry standards.

Kitchen Cabinets and Interior Millwork Supplier

Eurohouse Interiors is a division of the Eurohouse Group that solely focuses on supplying top quality millwork products from Italy. We have carefully selected our suppliers and whether it is kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, interior doors, walk-in closets or other products we ship these directly from our partner factories in Italy where the products are manufactured by highly optimized machinery.


With over 50 years of experience in production and design, and multiple international awards and tremendous success on the global stage our suppliers provide us with quality products that are built to last and complement your home.

Based in West Vancouver our design team is pleased to offer a wide variety of styles, finishes, and designs of kitchen cabinets, interior doors, and walk-in closets to our clients to select from.

Kitchen Cabinets

With hundreds of possible finishes, colours, and styles of kitchen cabinets available to our clients we always find the ideal design of the new kitchen. From high fiber coated melamine to lacquered wood and glass veneer, from handle to handleless styles and soft-closing hinge and drawer technology we have all the features and capabilities to make “the heart of your home” not only look elegant and flawless but also be practical and efficient.

Interior Doors

From simple but rich looking melamine door to high gloss wood veneer with metallic frame doors and handles that transcend power and grit we have models that will match your needs and design styles. We have a complete package offering for your interior doors selection as well as several models on display in our showroom.

Walk-in Closets

With walk-in closets made in Italy, our clients receive top quality product with the latest features and elements that make the use of a walk-in closet so much more practical. A collection of models is available for your selection as well as an ability to “build your own” walk-in closet specific to your requirements.

Our Features

We provide best service and product for your project

Full Cycle Construction Services

From architectural drawings to pouring foundation to framing and ultimately finishing touches we tackle all elements of the construction process. As a builder and general contractor we can pick up any project.

In-House Design Team

With an experienced and versatile design team in-house we are confident to work with you on any interior design request you may have. Our staff has extensive technical and product knowledge allowing our team to provide you with the necessary design work as well as the most fit product offer. Combining our skill and expertise as a general contractor and a builder with top quality interior millwork products we can make your design dreams a reality.

Millwork Package

Whether you are building a new home, renovating your existing house or tackling a smaller project like a kitchen renovation we want to be your interior millwork supplier. You can find top quality kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, interior doors, and walk-in closets at Eurohouse Interiors showroom in West Vancouver.

Post Project Completion Service

We believe in the high quality of our labour and products that we provide to our clients and their projects. As a result of this confidence all of our homes come with a 2-5-10 home owner’s warranty and all of our interior millwork products have a 2-5 years warranty.

Contact us today to discuss your project

From general contractor and builder duties to kitchen cabinets and interior doors supply, to walk-in closets and exterior entry doors supply, Eurohouse Group of Companies can help you achieve your goals and wishes.

We have expertise working on a range of projects in West Vancouver and other municipalities and whether it is a small kitchen renovation or a complete supply of millwork for a highrise development we look forward to working with you. The following is a list of services and products that we specialize in:

  • Single Family Home Builder and General Contractor
  • Single Family Millwork Package Supply
  • Multi Unit Development Millwork Supply
  • Home Renovation
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation
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